Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: Dwight Lamb, Jensen and Bugge: Live in Denmark 2013. Part Two.

Dwight Lamb was born in Moorhead, Iowa in 1934.  Folks in the upper Midwest mostly know of Dwight for his complete mastery of Missouri style fiddling.  He learned directly from some of the greats including "Fiddling" Bob Walters.  A little less known are the accordion tunes he learned from his Danish grandfather.  Dwight plays a one row, diatonic accordion, just like his grandfather did.

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There has been renewed interest since Danish duo, Mette Jensen and Kristian Bugge found out about him several years ago.  They learned a lot of his tunes and have tours together in Europe and the USA.  In the liner notes they talk about how they have had many fun experiences together since Part 1 was made in 2010.

First thing I can say after listening is: trombones! I saw on YouTube that they played with a trombone player in Denmark and, man, does it sound cool on the recording.  Dwight's accordion music always has a joyous quality, but this disk is just infectious joy.  There is a four part Oh Susanna that is triumphant!

Even Dwight's tracks that I know well from his other disks really come alive here.  Track #16 is a tune done from an earlier album.  In true Scandinavian-American fashion it is just called Two Quadrilles.  I loved the tune on a previous disk, but here it just opens up and comes alive.  Like many of the repeats from Dwight's repertoire, it comes off with new life in such careful hands.

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